Titanium Engagement Rings

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There are a multitude of excellent reasons why anyone should consider titanium engagement rings in favor of gold, white gold, platinum or some of the other choices that are available. In fact, more and more young women are expressing their preference towards titanium when they go shopping for engagement rings, which is certainly a new trend in the world of jewelry. Before we discuss some of the reasons why titanium engagement rings are finding their way onto many a woman’s finger these days, let’s explore what titanium rings are all about.

 Titanium is a metallic element that is known for a few of its characteristics, not the least of which is its strength. The grades of titanium that are used for rings are often stronger than steel, but are substantially lighter. Also, titanium as sourced at Tanzanite Engagement Rings By HQ has a pleasing metallic-white color that is starting to become preferred by many over the traditional color of gold. Sure, there are options such as white gold or platinum, but neither have the pure strength and durability of titanium.

 Another aspect of titanium that makes it a favorable choice for many women when choosing an engagement ring is that it is hypo-allergenic. Many women (and men) who can’t wear other popular types of rings or jewelry can therefore opt for titanium, instead.<BR>

Titanium engagement rings often have gold or platinum prongs within which the center stone can be set, making for an elegant overall look. Of course, all types of different stones can be used, although diamonds are still the overwhelming favorite with most buyers. One last thing to keep in mind is that titanium is hard to resize; so you may want to go with a comfort fit or a curved shape to the inside of the ring for easier removal and a more comfortable fit.<BR>


When you are looking for a hard-to-find combination of style, attractiveness, durability and value, it truly is hard to do much better than titanium engagement rings. Again, this point is proven by the sheer number of couples that are choosing titanium for both engagement and wedding rings. Make sure to take a look at the titanium offerings available the next time you look at jewelry and engagement rings!